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Janis and Zoé presentation

Janis and Zoe are currently living in Germany. From the very beginning they developed their own philosophy and concepts as teachers and dancers. they created their own romantic style focussing on deep connection and true feelings with sensible following and soft leading. they also created the idea of social proofed social dancing and the design of aesthetic movements in Bachata resumed in their concept of "social and sensual".  In dancing they created an own style using their experience with other dance styles. Zoé started dancing very early. She has a background in classic, jazz and urban styles. Janis made his first steps as a professional dancer in Buenos Aires, Argentina, first with Dancehall, Hiphop and other urban dances. Together they found in Bachata a way to fusion their knowledge and they share a big passion for the magic of dancing Bachata.

Dusseldorf , Germany  


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